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Natural Hair-N-Scalp Styling Gel 16oz. 12

$ 95.88
SKU MEG002_12
For Wavy  Hair: Stops breakage allowing your hair to get longer and stronger.  Restoring moisture to dry brittle hair, Replenishes luster, shine, strength and manageability.  Hair is left soft and tangle free smooth and shiny.  You can use this product as often as necessary. 

Before using this product always shampoo hair with Natural hair and Scalp Conditioning Shampoo and condition your hair with our Protein Conditioner.

To prevent breakage and remove tangles:
  For longer Stronger Hair apply Styling Cream every other day to the scalp and hair strand completely to the ends of your hair.  Smooth until tangles start to become free then comb with a large tooth comb starting at the ends of your hair strand, working up to the scalp. Repeat until hair untangles.
For Styling: First Apply Styling Foam then apply Styling Cream to the scalp to the ends of hair and two strands twist your hair.  Then spray with Natural Hair and Scalp Styling Spray Let your twist dry then release twist and go.